Hi there. Carl here from We are onsite in Kilternan, County Dublin today doing a major clean in a house that’s just been prepared for sale.
And we have a very, very, very large house with, I think, five or six bedrooms and a few ancillary buildings and that that we’ve been working on all day. There’s been four of us here.

And one of the things that we’re asked to do was clean the curtains. And we’ve about eight or nine pairs of silk, handmade curtains that needed some TLC. We started off, basically, by dry vac’ing them. These small drops will hold about 200 kg of dry soil, otherwise known as dust. We come in. Remove the dust before we assess what exactly what needs to be done. Assessment is realistically done as we’re vac’ing, seeing if there’s any spots and stains that we want to remove.

Now, we specialize in curtain cleaning, obviously we’re So, we generally keep things to minimum amounts of moisture, especially with silks. You’ve got any kind of dirt that’s sitting at the base of the fibre that doesn’t want to come out in a vacuum – that moisture will pour out and cause tide marks and can also be detrimental to the fabric itself.

There’s some sun damage, some UV damage on them. What can happen is when you put a lot of moisture on that you can go right through the silk. It impairs the silk fibre itself.

So, these curtains took about 45 minutes to an hour to clean. This is essentially the width of one curtain. We have spent realistically about 20 minutes, half an hour vacuuming them – as you can see, it’s a small area. And 20 minutes, half an hour vacuuming them, and then our low moisture clean.

A little bit of solvents and stuff like that, just sort of dry cleaning approaches as well before coming in with our eco-friendly, plant derived colloid cleaner, which is completely pH neutral. So, it’s not going to damage fibres. That’s key to this sort of clean. It’s not going to damage anything. So, we’re careful at every stage.

The clean itself, for these curtains alone, took out that amount of dirt. And that was after dry vac’ing. So, you can see that they did certainly need to be cleaned.

The whole curtain looks subtlety different. It’s not bouncing. It wasn’t filthy. But it looks subtlety different. Especially with what you’ve seen has come out of the bucket here.

They’re also double lined, so you’ve got a bronze silk back. And so back and front – making sure they got lots of attention- the details in the tops of the lines here. And you know, in daylight, it’s getting a little bit darker now, but in daylight you can see the tonality difference between this curtain and this curtain – when we finished this and moved on to this one.

So, it’s not something that, you know, you wouldn’t look at a pair of curtains and go, “God! They’re filthy.” But when they’re clean, you can see a nice subtle difference.

Also, most importantly, you’re drawing curtains back and forth. You have anybody who’s in any way allergic to dust mites or anything like that; these are going to release dust every time they’re drawn back and forth. So, if you know anybody- any asthmatics in the house, or even simply that you don’t want a dusty environment, because it’s not very pleasant getting into the nasal passages, curtain cleaning is one of the essential components.

We recommend cleaning high traffic areas roughly once a year. Once every two years for lower traffic areas. For bedrooms, we recommend once a year – even a good vac, but certainly getting the low moisture cleaner in there just to pull any remaining dust and dirt out.

We also, through our sister company, provide mattress sanitising (mattress cleaning) to eliminate all dust mites, skin flakes, odours and stains, with our eco-friendly and non-toxic products.

The last pair that we did, again, same sort of idea. A little bit more design on these – so we’ve got a stitched design on them as well. Nice pelmets, which of course we have ladders and our paraphernalia out. And again, a little bit of solvent barrier clean, and then in with our all eco-friendly products. They’re made from oranges, believe it or not.

And end then with our eco-friendly colloids, just to again, pull anything out, kill anything in the fabric – any dust mites or anything like that that will be living in it. Because don’t forget, dust mites live on dust, which is predominantly skin. So, we’re going to kill all of that organically, gently. And leave you a perfectly clean curtains and environment to enjoy your home in.

That’s it. Thank you for watching the video. Carl here. Clean My Curtains, If you have any questions the phone numbers and emails are on the website. Thank you so much for watching the video.”