“Hi. It’s Carl here from Clean My Carpet, We are at a fantastic location today in Foxrock, at the Portuguese Embassy doing curtain cleaning. And we’re going to come back in a few weeks with and do some handmade woollen rug cleaning. We’ve got several wool and silk rugs we’re going to clean over the next couple of weeks – big days in the Embassy.

So today, we are doing curtain cleaning. We have beautiful, sort of a bronze-gold, silk curtains. And we have two- four large pairs of curtains, full-length. Beautiful Victorian house here, with helmets up top, and net curtains at the back. So, a combination of net, and silk, and curtain cleaning in this room.

And the house- well, we’re in the dining room. Now we’ve silk curtains in the drawing room on the other side of the house. These are a very different fibre. These are a man-made fibre. So, we’ve got what seems to be polyester.

Not as many pitfalls with the cleaning of this fabric. It’s not as delicate. But they get treated with the same process. Not really any risk of shrinking of the face fibre. But the backing is cotton. So, they’re heavily lined. So, again, same process. We do them in situ. We vac them thoroughly.

Number of hours vacuuming, even on these two pairs of curtains in here, vacuuming them thoroughly, both front and back. As I say, 90 percent of the soiling in curtains is going to be dust. Again, I want to highlight that sort of air quality and allergen aspect of that. We’re removing allergens and making a dust-free environment for both people who suffer from allergies or indeed, anybody in the house – it’s just a nicer environment.

The air’s cleaner in this room. You can smell the difference between the drawing room that’s been completed and this room where we’ve- these are to be vacuumed. These have been vacuumed and cleaned down. And these must be vacuumed and then cleaned.

In the drawing room, I forgot to mention that the curtains, because of the fabric- that silk can’t really see any more then about five percent moisture on them. And again, we’re very much about keeping the moisture down low with these processes.

These will take a little bit more moisture. We could fully extract the face fibre, but with the cotton, there’s that risk of shrinking them- with back. So, we’re about- we’re at eight hours on site here today, just doing the curtains in the two rooms. The ambassador’s wife has said the difference in the air quality in the drawing room is substantial, which is great, here. But we knew that was going to happen anyway.

We’re also going to be doing the beautiful rug in this room. And we’ll come back next week and do the rug cleaning. So, that’s pretty much it. I can’t think of anything else that’s relevant.
So, as I say it’s Carl here, from Clean My Carpet,, and If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the contact numbers on the website or each has its own, individual email. Thanks for watching the video.”