“Hi there. It’s Carl here from, onsite in Clontarf today. Just finished cleaning a beautiful drop of gold sort of a yellow-gold silk curtain.

These curtains have been up for about 10 years and the room has been freshly painted, so the owner of the house wanted to have the curtains cleaned, which is an obvious decision if they haven’t been cleaned for about 10 years.

Now with our method, vastly superior to dry cleaning specifically because we will isolate spots and stains, and make sure that they are removed after removing all the dust from the curtain, before then coming in with our specialist products and tools that clean the curtain down.

These curtains took about an hour and a half to clean. So, that’s an hour and a half for this bay window here. There was a couple of spots and stains on the very bottom where the curtains are trailing along, and one water mark as well, which are all completely gone from the curtain.

We spent about an hour vacuuming them down and then about 30 minutes or so, five/ten minutes isolating and removing stains, and then our method for curtain cleaning. We employ various methods, but the method we chose today was an indirect method.

And exactly as we expected, the owner came in after the curtains had been cleaned. It’s a subtle but noticeable difference in silk curtains. There’s not going to hold as much dust as a velvet, or wool, or cotton, or even some of the synthetic fibres, just purely because of the filament type of yarn. The silk, it’s smooth, so it’s not going to hold as much dust as other fabrics.

But again, we do have horizontal lines going across them that gives them a nice texture. And those horizontal lines are going to hold dust, and just basically darken the curtain. Now with silk, again, when- one of the biggest qualities of silk is the way it lets light sort of permeate the fibre. And what that means is that you get that lovely iridescence. And as you walk past them, the texture looks to change as the light kind of bounces back at different angles to you.

And if you have silk curtains, you want to enjoy them. So, you want to have them cleaned. Ten years is an awful long time to have something this high-quality and not have it cleaned. Not a great amount of use in this room, so it’s not that it’s unacceptable. It’s you’re going to have more enjoyment out of them, if they’re cleaned, because you’re going to get that lovely light bounce, and that sort of hue from them as the light passes over them as you walk around and look at the material itself. They are stunning. And why not have them perfectly cleaned so you can appreciate them even more?

So that’s it. Thank you for watching the video. Carl here from If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the phone numbers on the website, or indeed send us over an email. We’re happy to talk. Thank you for watching.”