“Hi there. It’s Carl here from Clean My Curtains, We are doing deep clean on curtains in Balbriggan today in a beautiful, big house in Balbriggan. And we’re in the drawing room and doing one, two, three four pairs of curtains.

Now, there’s an open fire in the room which is on, pretty much, year-round. It’s used to heat water in the house too. So, we have soot. And now usually, on curtains like this, we’d use a very low-moisture method. We’re introducing a slight bit more moisture with our Sapphire Scientific hand tool.

This particular tool, we can really, really tighten and control moisture. And because of the type of tool it – I’m about to fall off the ladder here – it pretty much injects water here, and there’s two vacuum apertures on either side. So, as we come down the curtain, it’s injecting water across the path. And those two vacuum entrances are pulling it straight in. So, it’s taking about 95 percent of the moisture out.

So, I’ve dried, basically vac-ed these out, agitating with a special eco-friendly solution that we use for cleaning curtains. And now I’m extracting. And with the machine off- We have one of the most powerful electric extraction machines in the world. We’ve only 50-foot of hose just outside the room here. But the machine is so loud that if I had it on you wouldn’t be able to hear me speak and step you through.

So, we’re pretty much- we’re getting to the stage now where we’re just going over the panels again and the swags and we’re using the tool to do that. We’ve done our lower-moisture method after pre-vac’ing. So, we’re in total, for the four pairs of curtains, we’re going to be about six hours doing it today, maybe seven at a push. But they’re going to be absolutely spotless when they’re finished.

I think that’s pretty much it. The material is synthetic. And yesterday, we were in the Portuguese Embassy doing silk curtains, which we wouldn’t introduce this amount of moisture into silk. But we didn’t have the problems of soot from an open fire in the room.

So, with these we’re, as I say, we’re introducing a little bit more moisture. And in some cases, a very, very small amount of solvent to give that extra little bit of kick to get the soot out. Quite heavily soiled. Airflow seems to be coming this way across the room. So, this pair is the most heavily soiled.
The benefits of the systems that we’re using are, these could not have been dry cleaned. They’re too big and they’re also lined. So, they’re too big to be dry cleaned. So, doing them in situ means that they don’t need to come down and they don’t need to be brought anywhere to be done. They’re going to be spotless when they’re finished. And the customer, as always, would be delighted.

So, that’s it for the video. Carl here –, If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us using the phone numbers on the website or any of the emails. Thank you for watching the video.”