“Hi. Carl here from We’re in Sandymount today doing curtain cleaning, carpet cleaning, wooden floor cleaning and a bit of sanitization.

We had an owner just move out of a house. A new owner moved in, or in the process of moving in today, so we’re kind of liaising with them and kind of getting the house clean before basically all the furniture arrives.

The first thing we notice when we came to appraise the house today was the owner had a couple of cats, and we have pee stains on curtains. I don’t know if the camera can pick that up. We’ve got a lovely halo of yellow here, on the curtain.

Now there’s probably not much that can be done for the stain, because the stain is so old, and the nature of urine – it changes from alkaline to acidic. So basically, we’re going to neutralize the smell, and it stinks. We have a treatment working away here at the moment, and it stinks of cat pee.

We have the same issue with the curtains upstairs, and some other staining on the carpets about the house. So, our main issue, or our main focus today is a good deep clean and odour control.

These are actually extremely expensive curtains. They’re handmade and they’re heavily lined, which gives us more problems because the pee is in the lining of the curtain. So, we’re going to use a particular method, which is kind of a blunderbuss approach, but it will get rid of the smell. It may not deal with the stain. We’ll worry about the stain after the smell is gone because the owner doesn’t have any cats and wants the smell gone.

We did have an issue with another customer a few weeks ago, an issue with a dog doing the same – a dog had been cocking his leg on the curtains for a couple of weeks.

We clean curtains in your home or office, on site for clients. We give them an extremely thorough vac which removes about 90% of dust, which is 95% of the soiling in the curtains – obviously not these with the urine problem – and we clean curtains on site.

And our machine is set up with our extraction wand and our hand tool to now extract. Low moisture cleaning on curtains, generally, except for the patches – the problem areas on these.

So onsite we’re, you know, we’ll get through a couple of curtains in about an hour or two today, on site. You don’t need to take them down. We come along. We clean your curtains in situ, and it is pretty much hassle free.

Just point us at what you need us to do and we’ll go and do it. Thank you for watching the video.”