Cleaning Curtains in Sandymount

Transcript... “Hi. Carl here from We’re in Sandymount today doing curtain cleaning, carpet cleaning, wooden floor cleaning and a bit of sanitization. We had an owner just [...]

Silk Curtain Cleaning Kilternan

Transcript... Hi there. Carl here from We are onsite in Kilternan, County Dublin today doing a major clean in a house that’s just been prepared for sale. [...]

Dublin North Curtain Cleaning

Transcript... “Hi there. It’s Carl here from Clean My Curtains, We are doing deep clean on curtains in Balbriggan today in a beautiful, big house in Balbriggan. [...]

Polyester Curtain Cleaning

Transcript... “Hi there. it’s Carl here from Clean My Carpet, We’re onsite in Balbriggan, in North County Dublin today. We’ve been here for gosh, I think six and [...]

Silk Curtain Cleaning in Foxrock

Transcript... “Hi. It’s Carl here from Clean My Carpet, We are at a fantastic location today in Foxrock, at the Portuguese Embassy doing curtain cleaning. And we’re [...]

Silk Curtain Cleaning in Clontarf

Transcript... “Hi there. It’s Carl here from, onsite in Clontarf today. Just finished cleaning a beautiful drop of gold sort of a yellow-gold silk curtain. These curtains [...]

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